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Soko Coffee - the little van with a big conscience

Is this the best independent mobile coffee company in St Albans?

We think so. Here's why:

  • the little van is parked outside St Albans station (platform 4 exit) every morning from 6.30am to 10am, and at Wheathampstead Farmers Market every month, whatever the weather
  • choose from delicious fairly traded coffee, organic tea, hot chocolate and tasty sweet treats at very reasonable prices
  • enjoy service with a smile (and the knowledge that you are supporting a local small business!)

 All about Soko

We met up with Charlie, Soko's Head Bean over, er, a coffee...

Tell us about the van

The 3-wheeled van has low CO2 emissions and is entirely self-sufficient with its own power and water supply. If there are no speed bumps or steep hills to navigate, it goes at an average of 10mph. Slow and steady wins the race! The van was cleverly designed so that everything fits cosily into its own compact little place leaving just enough room for one of the Soko Coffee team to squeeze into the cabin to drive. The van is so small that it needs a parking space of just 1.5 x 2.5m, which means it can fit in just about anywhere!

What coffee do you use?

Soko Coffee uses its own beans from Guatamala and Brazil, carefully blended to make a scrumptious mix of coffee yumminess and roasted freshly in the UK. The beans are organic and fairly traded so that the farmers are paid a fair price for the beans they grow.

What does Soko mean?

The Swahili word 'Soko', meaning 'marketplace' was used because it was the ethos, energy and character of the traditional town market that inspired the concept of Soko Coffee. The team work hard to promote the values of a marketplace - where independent traders not only provide quality alternatives to the big high street brands, but also have knowledge and passion for the things they are selling.

Why does Soko Coffee have a big conscience?

Soko Coffee tries to do everything with a big conscience. They use organic products wherever they can, they support small independent suppliers who, like them, care about what they produce. They use environmentally considerate packaging and recycle everything that is recyclable...they even compost their used coffee grounds!

Find out more

Soko Coffee's little van is available to hire for festivals, fundraising events, sports days, weddings, concerts, corporate events and just about anything else you can think of.

Visit their website at or email them at [email protected].