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Local profile: Nadia Finer

Co-founder of More to Life Than Shoes

Local resident Nadia Finer, 30, is the co-founder of – the network helping women to 'grab life by the balls!'. She came up with the idea in 2007 following a night out with her friend Emily talking about their big plans to change their lives. The problem was; all they were doing was talking so they started a website to give women the inspiration, support and encouragement they need to make their dreams happen.

Nadia is married to Robin and has a 15 month old son, Jacob. Becoming a mother has helped Nadia to take multitasking to new levels and focus like a demon. She says, "Before I had Jacob I had no real understanding of what women experience when attempting to balance work and babies. It's really tough! I now realise the importance of a site like, providing a touchstone to help mums make it happen."

When I was a child I wanted to be a farmer so I could wear wellies and a flat cap all day.

I'm good at having ideas, but less good at seeing them through.

I don't understand why quiz show hosts accept a right answer from a contestant and allow the conversation to move on, then, what feels like 10 minutes later they repeat the correct answer to camera, as if were weren't paying attention. It drives me nuts!

My greatest achievement so far is setting up and helping women to grab life by the balls. We get lots of nice emails from our members which make you feel all warm and fuzzy

I'm still trying to get on Oprah so I can tell everyone in the US about our site.

The best advice I ever had was from my mum, when I got pregnant. I was really scared that I would never be able to manage being a mum and running a business- especially after I read Gina Ford – which made it sound like I'd barely have time to go to the loo, let alone do a conference call. Mum said, if I wanted to make it happen I would. Simple. And she was right.

If I could change one thing about myself I'd be able to eat as much cake and ice cream as I wanted while staying waif like.

If I had more time I would read books, sit and think, and shave my legs more often (not all at the same time)

My life in six words – busy, busy, busy, busy, busy, busy

St Albans is a great place to join a More to Life Than Shoes group and start meeting new people, doing new and exciting things and grabbing life by the balls!

Nadia plans to continue growing the business, running workshops for girls in schools, women returners and budding entrepreneurs as well as writing a book. She is also launching lots of local groups around the country, where women meet up to get inspired and try new and exciting things each month. The St Albans group is going from strength to strength and the girls have done all kinds of things from a treetop assault course (Nadia is still recovering) to life drawing (the poor male model is still recovering!) the group is always on the look out for new members, so drop Nadia an email at [email protected] if you're interested in getting involved.

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