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Cinderella at the Alban Arena 2013

Gareth Gates and Andy from CBeebies in Cinderella at the Alban ArenaWe sent our panto expert, Eleanor (11) to review this year's Alban Arena extravaganza - Cinderella.

Review by Eleanor

Once again the Alban Arena hosts another impressive pantomime and this year they have had to extend the run of performances as last year's show was such a sell out.

In the cast of Cinderella there are a few people you and your parents will know. They include: Gareth Gates playing Prince Charming (your mum will definitely know him), Andy Day (from CBeebies) playing Dandini, as well as some of our popular local actors such as: Jemma Carlisle who plays the main and most important role of Cinderella and Bob Golding, who not only directs the show, but also plays Buttons Cinderella’s best friend.

Bob Golding and Jemma Carlisle in Cinderella at the Alban ArenaFurthermore the cast throughout the performance managed to fit in some clever but funny jokes. Some of which made me and my brother laugh but a few more made my mum and dad laugh. As well as that there was a lot of audience participation which includes singing and chanting as well as a chance to get to get a little bit wet. In fact it seemed to entertain all ages, even the grumpy grandads.

If you are a regular and have seen their productions before, (it is the fourth consecutive pantomime that Evolution have produced) you might recognise some of the set pieces such as the bench where they sing ‘we’ll have to sing it again then won’t we’.

Some of the best bits in the play was when Buttons sang ‘What Does The Fox Say’ by Ylvis, as well as that there was a scene where they cleverly included some Strictly Come Dancing and a little bit of Britain’s Got Talent. There are a lot more things that I could say that were good but if you do want to be in for a surprise then I suggest that you go and see it yourself at the Alban Arena. So go and buy some tickets for all the family.

By Eleanor age 11.

The Ugly Sisters in Cinderella at the Alban ArenaCinderella is at the Alban Arena daily until 5 Jan 2014. Tickets available online or by calling the box office on 01727 844488