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Creative St Albans - A Voice for Local Arts

‘Creative St Albans’ emerged as a result of an open meeting at The Old Town Hall in late 2009 when over 120 interested people turned up for a general discussion about how we might promote the arts in St Albans. Several groups were formed and opinions taken on what we could do to engender a more dynamic creative base in the district.

An executive committee was formed to move things forward and recently ‘Creative St Albans’ was formally constituted. Executive officers have been appointed - Katerina Kubrick-Phelps (chair), Joel Baillie-Lane (vice-chair), Jayne Truran (treasurer), Lyndsey Haynes (secretary) – and a bank account has been opened.

Creative St Albans - Aims and Objectives

  •  To represent all art groups and individuals in St Albans and District
  •  To become a ‘voice for the arts’ in the district
  •  To develop and facilitate communication between local arts organisations and individuals
  •  To establish and arts advisory facility (for assistance with grant applications etc)
  •  To maximise the use and development of existing arts facilities
  •  To improve arts publicity and accessibility within the district, and to improve delivery and communication between interested parties
  •  To assist SADC in developing a practical and realistic arts strategy
  •  To organise occasional events and gatherings to further our aims
  •  To seek external sources of funding and support others with similar ambitions

It is the first time that representatives from all art genres in St. Albans and District have gathered together under one roof with the collective intention of becoming a thriving group of creative people who can try and make a difference. There are many people who are involved in the arts, but the amount of activity does not reflect this and we want to push forward and promote really good local events that mean that high quality art and performances can be seen throughout the year. St Albans and District has real potential to become a place for both tourists and people from the wider community to visit for the day or weekend and to partake of so many significant historical and creative activities. ‘Creative St Albans’ wants to be part of this progression and to encourage others with similar aims.

We hope to be announcing future events shortly – watch this space – and we want to get groups of people with a collective interest to make suggestions as to further events we can get involved in. Please contact us on [email protected] with any suggestions or queries. ‘Creative St Albans’ is community based and will only survive if  local people get involved: we are not looking for regular involvement or attendance at meetings etc  but we will need enthusiastic people to support us and occasionally get involved.

We look forward to your support and encouragement

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