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13 great St Albans venues for events

St Albans is a lucky town, it has a huge amount of tasty venues available for hire, the customer’s choice is endless! This is partly because of the prosperity of the town but also because of its history, diversity, and size. Depending on your budget the world (St Albans) is your oyster.

Top end budgets

At the very top end you have the likes of;

St Michael’s Manor

St Michael’s Manor is located in the conservation area of St Albans, down Fishpool Street. A quirky little road that has kept the original pavement, designed to make it easier to dismount your horse. Ideal 100 years ago, not so ideal now. Beautifully maintained with nice gardens around the back and a lake to boot this is not what you’d expect on approach. The property is a lot bigger than you would initially expect, particularly considering its central location. This is an ideal choice for impressive, special events with good quick access to the town centre.

Sopwell House

Much like St Michael’s Manor, Sopwell house is good for an impressive event. The venue has more kudos on approach as it is set further out of the town centre down a country road. This means that it is quite a different choice as space is less of a premium and the hotel can boast a luxury spa on site. They are often doing some very good deals on their restaurants so it is worth checking out their websites if you want to sample the goods. Often used for balls and big conferences Sopwell house is a good choice for large events.

Galvin at Centurion

Galvin at Centurion is the latest restaurant from Michelin-starred London chefs Chris and Jeff Galvin, located at the impressive Centurion Club in St Albans. The 84 cover restaurant stays true to the signature Galvin experience, offering a warm, welcoming and informal environment in opulent surroundings.

Chef Patron Jeff Galvin together with Head Chef Josh Barnes created a menu that is ingredient-led, executed with simplicity, passion and seasonality.

The restaurant has amazing private dining spaces that can be used for exclusive and special events. Offering views over the lake, three private rooms seating up to 60 people are available to entertain guests at the restaurant. There is a perfectly designed menu and a wine list that has been carefully curated by Chef Patron Jeff Galvin and Head Chef Josh Barnes. Each private room offers a unique and elegant dining experience in an intimate setting.

Medium budget

Both of these are venues may well be out of reach for most people, especially in the current economic climate. But fear not fellow St Albaners for there are many other options! If your budget is a little lower then there are a plethory of choices for you;

Ardmore House

This is quite an interesting hotel, as opposed to being purpose built it consists of a quirky layout of two large houses, a very impressive conservatory and some chalets in the grounds. Much like St Michael’s Manor this hotel has a great location for quick access to the town. It also has a nice garden with a large water feature in it and a reputable restaurant. The conservatory is a real selling point for this venue as it is quite a dramatic feature and is visible from the road. Ardmore house is a great choice for a large event on a tighter but ample budget.

Avalon House

Situated down London road, Avalon House is very close and accessible to the local motorways in a similar direction and to Sopwell house. Whilst not as large as the above suggestions it is of a medium size and a good all rounder. There is a garden out the back suitable for housing a marquee and therefore summer events.

Clarion Collection Hotel

The most central of central hotels in St Albans is the Clarion Collection Hotel. This hotel has a lot of history and that is reflected in the architecture both inside and out. It is a popular choice for corporate does due to its location on the historic Holywell Hill but they also host weddings, parties and celebrations in an upstairs function room. The Clarion Collection Hotel is a nice choice for smaller events but if arranging a large one you need to consider parking. The hotel does have facilities but they are not huge.

Verulam Golf Club

Verulam Golf Club could be easily missed, set back from the road behind some local businesses you really have to know it is there to know it is there. Once you do though it is a very pleasant venue with ample parking, nice views over the course and good space inside the club house. The local BNI use it as a meeting point once a month. A good all rounder without accommodation.

Budget and informal

All of these are venues are great for large events like weddings, important parties etc. But if you require a venue for something a little less formal and want something more intimate or cheaper, then there are plenty of good community centres available to hire for competitive rates. These are great blank canvases if you intend on doing some of the setting up yourself, or if you just need a space for a meeting, gathering, sports events or small do. Try looking at;

Greenwood Park

This is a really good sporting venue as it is large, away from the town centre, and has the facilities and the open space to suit. There are changing rooms and playing fields if that is your need or the indoor space can provide a good place for indoor classes or a social do. This is perfect for sporting or low budget events.

Homewood Road

Located in Marshalswick this is a good size and versatile space. There is a function room which has sports facilities and a stage, as well as a kitchen, back room and church should you wish to pop the question in the middle of a badminton game. Homewood Road is a typical modern church in style but is surrounded by nicely kept trees and shrubbery making it looks quite nice and appealing.

Jersey Farm community centre

Getting quite far out of St Albans we get to Jersey Farm which is a housing estate about 10 minutes drive from the centre. The hub of Jersey Farm is a collection of shops and this is where the community centre sits. It has seen its fair share of fame as it was the home of Ian Beale’s fish and chip shop in Eastenders many moons ago. Jersey farm is a good solid venue, it is clean, tidy, good value and spacious with all a facilities you need.

Jubilee centre

Another centrally located venue comes in form of the newly refurbished Jubilee centre. Home most of the time to meals on wheels it is well equipped and as good a choice as any.

Music venues

Finally if your desire is to specifically hire a music venue then there are a couple that are a available in St Albans for that;


The local nightclub and the place most people have a story about is our beloved Batchwood. Originally a stately home the building has been converted into a nightclub and sits in of the grounds of an 18 hole golf course and tennis club. Quite a different venue to the usual nightclub it is available for private hire on certain nights but as it is a nightclub its flexibility is limited. It is ideal for discos or corporate Christmas rave ups.

The Horn

The Horn has given birth to many a well known musician. It is a pub with garden and back room located down Victoria street at the cross junction by the station. It has won several nationally acclaimed awards for being a music venue and is really the best choice in St Albans for hosting a live music event, enough said.

Whilst this may seem like a lot of venues it is by no means all that is available for hire in the St Albans. There are at least double what I have a recommended and some places that would be available but don’t advertise it.

Adam Barnes


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