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Community Survey shows mixed ratings from residents

Community Survey shows mixed ratings from residents

A survey of local residents carried out by Opinion Research Services on behalf of St Abans City and District Council has yielded mixed results. The main findings were that:
  • Satisfaction with the local area as a place to live remains high (90%) and the proportion feeling that they belong to their local area (77%) is at the highest level seen.
  • Compared to 2015, residents are more likely to feel informed about how to get involved in local decision-marking and about how local public services are performing.
  • While views of many public services have declined (both locally and nationally), satisfaction with museums and galleries has seen a statistically significant increase since 2015 (of 10 percentage points).
  • Although most residents (66%) remain satisfied with the way the council runs things, there has been a statistically significant decrease since 2015 (when 71% were satisfied). There has also been a decrease in the proportion that feel the council provides value for money (38%; down from 46% in 2015). 
  • There have been statistically significant increases in the proportions of residents identifying most types of anti-social behaviour as either a very or fairly big problem, particularly: rubbish or litter lying around (up by 15 percentage points), people using or dealing drugs (up by 12 percentage points), and vandalism and deliberate damage (up by 11 percentage points).
  • Similarly, the proportion of residents who agree that the police are successfully dealing with the antisocial behaviour issues listed in the survey has declined, from 76% in 2015 to 68% in 2018.
Read the full report here:

These results were taken from 1,326 completed questionnaires of 4,000 sent to local residents in October 2018.
by Lis Coulthard, - 28/02/2019 00:00


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