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The Roman Theatre of Verulamium

The Roman Theatre of Verulamium

Built in about 140AD, The Roman Theatre of Verulamium is the only example of its kind in Britain. The arena would initially have been used for a variety of purposes including religious processions, dancing, wrestling, armed combat and wild beast shows. From about 180AD the stage came into greater use and the auditorium extended. By about 300AD, after redevelopment work, the Theatre could seat 2000 spectators. The ruins were unearthed in 1847. Subsequent excavations have revealed a row of shop foundations, a Roman villa and a secret shrine, all thought to date from the First Century.

Adults £2.50, students and seniors £2, children £1.50, under-5's free. School groups welcome (£1 per child, staff free). Guided tours can be arranged.


  • Dates and times: Open daily all year. Summer 10am-5pm. Winter 10am-4pm.

Address and Contact info

  • Address: Bluhouse Hill
  • Town: St Albans
  • County: Herts
  • Postcode: AL3 6AE

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