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St Albans District Woodcraft Folk

St Albans District Woodcraft Folk

The Woodcraft Folk is a national youth movement based on principles of co-operation and democracy, with concerns for the environment and peace. Children attend different groups: Woodchips (under 6yrs), Elfins (6-9yrs), Pioneers (10-12yrs) and Venturers (13-15yrs). Activities include games, drama, discussion, projects, crafts, singing, dancing, rambles and camping.


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  • Address: Head Office, Units 9/10
  • Town: London
  • Postcode: SE17 3BF

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My Children love Woodcraft! - review by cheryl9cf14
Woodcraft is an adventure packed experience for children aged 6 upwards. The emphasis is on having fun, playing games, being outside, learning about nature, signing, doing crafts, making friends and having a great time. My children love it and it offers them a great opportunity to get outside in the fresh air and enjoy themselves. 08 Feb 16
St Albans District Woodcraft Folk


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