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Learn Digital Photo - Photography Courses in St Albans

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Learn Digital Photo - Photography Courses in St Albans Learn Digital Photo - Photography Courses in St Albans

Photography courses including, Beginners and Intermediate level and bespoke photographic training for businesses.

Brilliant photographic courses for all levels and ages at excellent value for money.

"I have tried other photo courses, Ann’s courses are the best for miles around" F.Bloomfield, Harpenden

"Ann Kelly has a wealth of photographic knowledge gained through her 20 years of professional practice and she is a qualified teacher, I learned so much about digital photography on her beginners and intermediate courses" J. Pankhurst, founder of Friends Reunited website.

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  • Business Sector:
  • Weddings > Photographers and Videographers
  • Dates and times: Please contact Ann or see her website for current courses & prices

Address and Contact info

  • Address: 110 Green Lane
  • Town: St Albans
  • County: Herts
  • Postcode: AL3 6EU

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Highly Recommend / Great Teacher - review by vickiem
After looking for a photography course to enable me to understand more about my Nikon D5000 the Learn Digital Photo course with Annie was recommended to me by a friend. I joined the Beginners course in September 2012 and enjoyed it so much I've enrolled on the Intermediate course which starts mid-January 2013, as well as enrolling my husband on the Beginners. Annie is a fantastic teacher. She took the time to explain how the camera works as well as teaching us how to use our cameras properly and achieve the shots we wanted. I now understand how to get the right shot using her techniques rather than guessing or using Auto. The 8 week course covered so much: resolution and resizing, shutter speed, aperture, creative image making, lenses, flash, compositon, focussing, black and white and even a portrait session. My favourite session was the evening we spent in London taking imaginative photos of the London Eye from Embankment. I am really looking forward to the next course. I know there are other courses out there but this one is First Class and I can't recommend it enough. You will enjoy each lesson, learn a lot and be really pleased with your results. 14 Jan 13
Learn Digital Photo - Photography Courses in St Albans
Great fun - review by suzie
I enrolled on Annie’s beginner’s course so that I would be able to understand how my camera worked. Who would have known that, 8 weeks later, not only can I take better pictures but I have become so creative with my shots. The learning was fun, interesting, and informative. We had a great mix of people and ages. The evening trip to London was the highlight. I can honestly say that, no matter where I am, I look at the world with new eyes. I am hooked on photography. Thanks Annie [Nov 12] 24 Nov 12
Learn Digital Photo - Photography Courses in St Albans
Photography tuition at its very best - review by fionabloom
I have just (very sadly) finished my beginners course with Learn Digital Photography. Annie is a complete inspiration as her enthusiasm for photography is so addictive. I have learnt so much in 8 short weeks, my photography has improved leaps and bounds. I now have a sound understanding as to how to achieve a good picture and how to critique a picture in order to make it better next time. If you, like me, get a Digital SLR camera and can't even use it properly on automatic, get yourself booked on Annie's course. It is fantastic value for money and you learn so much, even from day 1. Her explanations are so simple and easy to understand and you even get a trip to London to master photographing the London Eye. Her continuous support and advice is so good and she never fails to give you feedback on your homework. Bring on the intermediate course...... [Nov 12] 19 Nov 12
Learn Digital Photo - Photography Courses in St Albans
A great teacher - review by jai
If you own a digital camera, and want to create great photos, these courses are a must. I did Ann's beginners and advanced courses and now my work has improved significantly. She makes all the complicated jargon and technical nightmares easy to understand in a friendly comfortable atmosphere, and you have lots of fun doing it. I would definitely recommend these courses, but I would especially recommend Ann herself, she has a wealth of knowledge and experience and is an amazing teacher. She has helped me greatly to reach where I am now, which is at a stage where I am setting up and running my own photography business. [Nov 12] 18 Nov 12
Learn Digital Photo - Photography Courses in St Albans
A must!!! - review by sue burnett
Ann's courses are completely inspiring. I joined wanting to know the basics of my camera as I was fed up with just pointing and pressing. Sometimes the results were great and others were rubbish and I had no idea why. Within two sessions I was completely hooked! Ann's style of teaching unlocks the mysteries of photography in a simple and fun way and I now love getting creative with my camera. I think the key is Ann's wealth of experience as a professional photographer coupled with the fact that she is also a qualified teacher. This means that she is able to make the science of photography accessible to all. On top of this they are really reasonably priced, what a bonus. I have done two of Ann's courses now and both times she has left me wanting to learn more. Bring on the next one I say! I really can't recommend these courses highly enough. [Nov 12] 17 Nov 12
Learn Digital Photo - Photography Courses in St Albans
Highly recommended! - review by rosie
I had in my mind's eye what I wanted to capture with my camera but left it to the camera to do all the work - using only a couple of functions and ignoring all the other wonderful features it may have had - Ann's classes changed all that! I have completed both her Beginner's and Advanced Courses and what I have learnt along the way has been inspiring - ISO, Shutter Speeds, Focussing, f/stops, white balance, macro, metering, portraits, etc! its all covered and more. Ann's style of teaching makes learning it fun and I have made some great friends along the way too. Putting it into practice on location shoots was a great way to use the skills we had learnt but with photography you are always learning so I will be hopefully signing up for her post production course soon! [Nov 12] 17 Nov 12
Learn Digital Photo - Photography Courses in St Albans
Just do the course - you will be so pleased you did! - review by bunty
I am just finishing the Beginner's Course that Ann runs. Eight weeks ago I was a complete Beginner. I knew how to turn the camera on, press the button and download the photos. I'd then wonder why some were great, others not so great and the majority mainly disappointing. What I couldn't understand was why the camera was not capturing what I could see. So I signed up to change that. It has been a fabulous, inspiring and interactive 8 weeks. Not only have I learnt about the functions on my camera, I've learnt how to use them, I've learnt about composition, taking photos at night and how to take portrait photos amongst other things. All this on a Beginners Course. I've also met lots of great people on the course. I am now taking the amazing photos that I always wanted to, getting lots of compliments on my work from my friends and colleagues and have started to view the world with a different perception. Nothing to lose, only gains to be made from doing this course. I'm so impressed I've signed up to the Intermediate course. [Nov 12] 13 Nov 12
Learn Digital Photo - Photography Courses in St Albans


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