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Baby Massage, Sleep consultant, parental workshops

Baby Massage, Sleep consultant, parental workshops
We provide Baby Massage lasses (trained through IAIM) in English and Spanish in st Albans.
Sleep Consultancy and workshops for parents/carers and childcare practitioners.

Massage: Massage is a gorgeous activity that parents can attend as part of a small group or one on one from their own homes.
The list of benefits are endless but mainly fall in to these categories, Communication, relaxation, sleep, less crying, growth and development.
What to expect, A Baby Massage course comprises of 5 weekly sessions of 1.5 hours. The whole idea of these sessions are to create a happy and relaxed atmosphere, a happy and relaxed parent and a happy and relaxed baby. We focus on babies needs so changing and feeding in encouraged in the class and should your little one be asleep there is no need to wake them. 
Mats and cushions are provided and you will each receive a bottle of fractionated coconut oil and parent handouts so you can keep massaging at home.
Half way through the session we will have a break where refreshments and snack are provided and we end the sessions with facilitated discussions which can be a great way to get chatting with each other, sharing thoughts, experiences and any helpful tips and tricks.
Age: birth to 1

Sleep: Sleep coaching can often be regarded with suspicion and caution but put simply it, it's about helping parents/carers and childcare practitioners to understand and optimise sleep in a gentle manner.
What to expect, Understand how and why your child sleeps, or doesn't as the case may be
Find realistic, gentle solutions that are individually tailored to you and your family's needs
Have the necessary on-going support whilst implementing these new changes
Age: birth to 10 years

Workshops: Workshops give parents/carers and childcare practitioners the opportunity to discuss and learn more about the hot topic "Behaviour and Tantrums" in children
They are informal, educational discussion groups held in coffee shops and pubs, so not sitting in an awkward circle hoping you won't be picked for an answer.
These workshops are here to empower parents/carers with useful tools, evidence based information and simple techniques that you can apply in everyday situations.
Best of all there is cake and wine
Age: Birth to teenage years
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Ballet Body Sport and Fitness Exercise Classes

Ballet Body Sport and Fitness Exercise Classes

Ballet Body classes are a one hour total body workout. The focus of the fitness classes is on low impact toning exercises and stretches through mat and resistance work. You will achieve the toned powerful body shape and beautiful posture of a dancer. There is no dancing involved, just ballet inspired exercises and stretches to lengthen your body with very little impact.

Ballet Body fitness classes target and use muscles that are not used in other fitness programmes or sports. The body shape, posture and movement that result from this workout are as unique as the workout itself. Ballet Body’s aim is to encourage women to feel good about themselves and their lives, to achieve strength and grace in movement and show them that strong bodies can also be feminine. The fitness classes will not only make you stronger but improve the way you stand, the way you move and the way you carry yourself each day.

Venues: Trestle Arts Base, St Albans and Guide Headquarters, Harpenden.

See website for exercise class timetable

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