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Thai Square

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Thai Square Thai Square

Upmarket Thai restaurant located in the former Tudor Tavern, a spectacular 15th century building.  Part of a rapidly expanding chain of Thai restaurants. Their website claims to offer 'more than 1,000' dishes using ingredients 'freshly flown in daily from Thailand' so expect to pay a little more for this vast menu and air mileage.


Address and Contact info

  • Address: 27- 28 George Street
  • Town: St Albans
  • County: Herts
  • Postcode: AL3 4ES

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Good food but lacks soul - review by arden1000
Ive been a couple of times. This place is vast and feels it. There are a lot of tables. Food is tasty and a bit more modern than it's rivals. You won't be disappointed and it has some of the best desserts in st albans. But it is kind of pricey and the bill does leave you thinking was it worth that? I tend to walk past the restaurant, and go to the bar (which is very good) before eating elsewhere. [Sep 11] 14 Sep 11
Thai Square
Lovely building... - review by always about!

Thai Square occupies what must be one of the architectural highlights of St Albans - the old Tudor Tavern building at the top of George Street. Maybe misguidedly, we were expecting it to be a culinary highlight too. Sadly it was not to be. Our mixed starter for two was decidedly overpriced for what it was - deep fried chicken sticks and rubbery fishcakes. For a main I ordered the duck curry with rice and my wife had a red chicken curry. When they arrived they looked suspiciously similar (same base sauce maybe). And the combination of duck, whole cherry tomatoes, rambutans and pineapple in mine just didn't work for me. At £50 for a shared starter, two mains and two beers it seemed overpriced and despite the warm welcome given by the staff and the fabulous location, we'll be sticking with our local favourite, Bua Thai next time. [August 11]

11 Aug 11
Thai Square
Good service, good location, lovely building, nothing special. - review by hibercote

We went here because we'd seen it was crowded and assumed they must be doing something right! The service was very good and the building is lovely. However, compared to Bua Thai and Pin Petch I would say that the food was nothing special. In fact, a couple of our dishes tasted very similar. Also, I wouldn't say that the decor was 'Thai' apart from the odd elephant or two. In short, OK but nothing to write home about. [May 10]

12 May 10
Thai Square
Almost tops - easy on the muzak - review by rnk

Almost everything about our evening meal at Thai Square was fantastic. The setting is spectacular - somehow the very English old Tudor building moulds itself perfectly for its 21st century Thai dining purposes. The service was excellent - attentive waiters and waitresses, and a very elegantly attired woman showed us to our table. The food and drink were delicious - we had sweet and sour pork, chicken and som-tom salad, sticky rice and cocktails, all very tasty. And it wasn't too pricey either, though certainly upper-mid range. So why not five stars? Well, it was because of the cheesy late 80s pop music that did our heads in in the end, planting songs in our heads for the rest of the night... [Mar 09]

13 Mar 09
Thai Square
set lunch is fab! - review by localgirl

I really recommend the set lunch box. For about £8 you choose a main dish and this is served in a large box with small compartments for soup, starters, rice, and stir-fried vegetables. It is tasty and good value. I agree with the chilli comment - I dipped a satay in my chilli dipping sauce and nearly keeled over. But you live and learn. [Mar 09]

08 Mar 09
Thai Square
Less is more - hold the chilli please! - review by south-sider

This chain has a number 1 rating from the Thai Prime Minister so hopes were high and we weren’t disappointed when we sampled a takeaway from the newly opened St Albans branch. We suggest that diners take note of the ‘chilli rating’ system, and fans of large portions should be aware that the emphasis is very much on quality not quantity.

Ready for collection in under half an hour (on a weekday evening), the food from a varied and interesting 126-dish menu was fresh and well prepared, with distinctive flavours and more than a ‘kick’ of chilli in some dishes. Mixed starters of satay, spring rolls, fish cakes and dim sum were delicate and very tasty, leaving us wanting more than just the one sample of each per person. Mains of thinly sliced sirloin and stir fried sweet and sour pork with egg-fried, sticky and coconut rice were delicious. The tasty red curry with chicken – with a 1 chilli rating of ‘slightly spicy’ – was just at the limit of our fiery food tolerance level.

Which is where we came unstuck. The promising wok-fried sliced lamb, which sank beneath an unappealing layer of orange oil, was an unfortunate waste of £12.95 as its 2 chilli rating of ‘medium spicy’ was an understatement, in our experience. It was so fiery that the ingredients couldn’t be appreciated.

We suggest that food lovers used to a three-tier rating of mild, medium and hot assume that Thai Square’s one chilli symbol equates to ‘medium’ and 2 chillis to ‘hot’. The Thai Square website gently suggests that ‘diners with a more European taste need to ask for their favourite dishes with a less spicy flavour - we will be happy to oblige’. This key piece of information was omitted from the menu but we’ll know next time. [Oct 08]

01 Oct 08
Thai Square


User Rating: 3 out of 5  ( 6 reviews )

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