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A great place to eat in St Albans - lovely decor, fresh tasty food and a lovely dining experience. [23 Jan 13]

  • Good


by Jo Hill


St Albans is not short of good food places that’s for sure. However, we found Darcys simply Excellent from start to finish. I couldn't fault anything and I looked hard! A rare occurrence indeed. My wife and I had a great time and more than enjoyed our delicious journey of amazing food and flavour with lashings of Australia! A complete dining experience and worthy of an 11/10.

  • Excellent


by Christo


From the second we walked into Darcy's to the second we left the whole experience was oustanding. The food was of exceptional quality as was the service from all of the staff. A fine dining experience you would expect from a top notch London eatery but in the heart of St Albans..Highly reccommend. [Nov 11]

  • Excellent


by charlie

Darcy's: a winning combination of class and charm

Darcy's manages to pull off a very difficult balancing act - exuding quality and class without being intimidating or standoffish. How do they do this? With a winning combination of top class food and a friendly, warm and professional team of staff. While the menu could do with a couple more options, what there is is wonderful... some might balk at the kangaroo but I'd advise people to try it; it's delicious! The perfect intimate location for a special occasion. [Sep 11]

  • Good


by alvore7

resting on laurels

Has a reputation for being st albans best. I've been twice and it hasn't really delivered for me. Feels a bit stuffy and formal for me. Was expecting food to be amazing but I find it quite hard to remember what I had. I can remember the person i was with's fish was dry and crumbly. They automatically add a 12.5% service charge which at £45+ a head is a bit steep. I politely asked them to take it off because of the dry fish, and there was an uncomfortable air of indignance. Haven't been back! [Sep 11]

  • Poor


by arden1000

Great Restaurant!

PROS:The food and wine was excellent. Really tasty, well presented food that was cooked to perfection. Service was good too. CONS: Not cheap and despite the food deserving such high praise the food portions are small. If you have a small appetite then this may not be a problem, but I had the simply delicious Kangeroo and I could easily of eaten the same meal 4 times over. A strip of rice with 4 mouth sized chunks of 'roo on it doesn't constitute a meal in my book and I was still hungry when I finished. Despite the disappointment of the portion sizes the taste was so good I still give it 4/5. [Sep 11]

  • Good


by Plugus Maximus

perfect celebration

I recently celebrated a special birthday there, with all my family and friends, and I cannot speak too highly of the excellent service, perfect food and ambiance we were given, nothing was too much trouble for them. I think Ruth and her team, are simply THE BEST!! and I look forward with pleasure to my next visit there. [Jul 11]

  • Excellent


by roseb

Great Dining

My husband and I had dinner last night at Darcys, and it was a great dining experience. From the moment we set foot in the restaurant the staff were warm and welcoming. The menu was a mix of Asian and European inspired dishes, in fact it was very hard to decide what to order, as they all sounded fabulous. Our waiter was very helpful with recommendations from the wine list, and the service was attentive, but not over the top. To round off our meal we had a cheese plate and the chocolate brownies, both of which were delicious. The fresh mint tea I had to finish my meal was fragrant and so much better that the mint tea made from a teabag. Darcy's restaurant is a wonderful place to go for a meal in St Albans, the atmosphere, and great food and wine made for a wonderful evening and the cost didn't made a huge dent in our wallet. So, I will be back to dine at Darcys very soon. [Jul 11]

  • Good


by tamjea

Fab Restaurant!!!

Had a lovely lunch at Darcy's Restaurant with work colleagues. Wonderful polite services, great standard of food, really lovely atmosphere! Looking forward to going back. [Mar 11]

  • Excellent


by SusanElsdon

Slighty Disappointing

I tried here again recently after a few years break and was disappointed. The setting is still lovely and a good place to spend some time in, but there wasn't enough staff, so after asking for drinks and olives, which were not served until my starter was, I had to send them back. The food too is nice, but overpriced. I would expect the prices in London, but I don't feel the quality lives up to the cost. Its a shame as I really want to like this restaurant but the food could do better. [Mar 11]

  • Average


by Hopeful


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