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St Albans Music School

St Albans Music School

St Albans Music School provides individual and group lessons in brass, strings, woodwind, percussion, keyboard, guitar and singing. It runs a wide range of activities including a guitar ensemble, the St Albans Young Singers (ages 8 to 12), a brass ensemble, jazz band, stage band, junior and senior wind bands and a variety of string orchestras for different abilities.


Venue Type:Music school
Dates & Times:Mon to Fri 9am - 7pm (term time only). Saturday Morning: 9.15am to 12.15pm.

Contact details

  • Business Name:St Albans Music School
  • Address:Townsend Drive
  • Town:St Albans
  • County:Herts
  • Postcode:AL3 5RL
  • Telephone:01727 860941
  • Fax:01727 844699
  • Contact:Angela Gilby - Head
  • Map: View Map

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