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Anne Main, MP

Anne Main, MP

The MP for St Albans is Anne Main (Conservative). After a close contest with a 70% turn out at the last general election, she squeezed past Kerry Pollard (Labour), taking a 37.3% share of the vote just ahead of his 34.3% with Michael Green (Lib Dem) on 25.4%.

The basic facts about Anne are these:

  • born in 1957
  • married with four children
  • BA in English from Swansea, PGCE from Sheffield
  • former councillor, teacher and full-time mum

From a less-than-revealing interview with the BBC we also learn that:

  • Anne's hero is Margaret Thatcher
  • her favourite song is Lady Midnight by Leonard Cohen
  • she's 'not afraid to get dirty' (just when you though it was getting interesting, we should point out that the question related to her fashion sense. Shame.)
  • she can't live without…mascara, her dog and her microwave

So there you have it. Anne can be contacted at 104 High Street, London Colney, St Albans, Herts, AL2 1QL or via the House of Commons address below. Visit her campaign website no2railfreight

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